Are you a commercial business that often comes across Native Bees' during your activities?          Do you want to be apart of an organisation that pays the highest hive recovery rate?

Are you an Arborist, Landscaper or come across Native Bees often in your work? Then Indigibee wants to work with you in in our Native Bee Rescue Program in order to conserve our Australian Native Bees!

Sign up and become an official business sponsor of Indigibee and receive FREE professional service and our hive recovery rate offered by Indigibee for hives found during tree felling and other commercial activities. We offer the highest financial remuneration support to commercial enterprise to ensure businesses' are not at a loss for securing at risk bee hives!

Indigibee Commercial Partnership Includes!

-You will receive a Native Bee Specialist at no cost!

-Access to our resources for advertising with use of our logo as an official conservation partner!

-We pick up or take deliveries!

-The best hive recovery rate payment for commercial partners in the industry

(**No Cash Payments for rescue hives all payments to be inclusive of GST, Prices may vary depending on conditions**)

To Begin Your Business Partnership With Indigibee Join up Now!

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